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BIM Execution Plan

  • Pre-contract BEP the pre-contract BEP is to demonstrate the supplier’s proposed approach, capability, capacity, and competence to meet the EIR. It is utilized prior to the appointment of any stakeholder.
  • Post-contract BEP the post-contract BEP Is the document defining standard methods and procedures adopted during the contract to meet the objectives and requirements set for thin the EIR. It is utilized following the appointment of project stakeholders and in particular the main contractor.


BIM Implementation Plan


The BIP defines the steps to take for implementation of BIM in an organization.

This includes:

  • available resources

  • estimated investment

  • proposed additional training

  • pilot project

  • ...

Delivery Team - ISO19650

= Lead appointed party and their appointed parties


Note: A delivery team can consist of multiple task teams from within the lead appointed party's organization and any appointed parties

client - ISO19650

actor responsible for initiating a project and approving the brief